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00001 '''\
a piddle wrapper for wxPython DeviceContexts

By Paul and Kevin Jacobs

History -

   1.0  Many fixes and the rest of required piddle functionality added.
   0.5  Much work done by Jeffrey Kunce on image support and code factoring.

PiddleWxDc adds Piddle-compatible methods to any wxPython DeviceContext.
It can be used any where a wxDC is used (onPaint, onDraw, etc).

Code factoring and pil image support by Jeffrey Kunce

see also piddleWxDcDemo.py

from wxPython.wx import *
import piddle

class PiddleWxDc(piddle.Canvas):

    def __init__(self, aWxDc, size=(300,300), name="piddleWX"): 
        piddle.Canvas.__init__(self, size, name)
        self.dc = aWxDc

    def __del__(self): 

    def _getWXcolor(self, color, default = None):
        '''Converts PIDDLE colors to wx colors'''
        if color is not None:
           if color == piddle.transparent:
             return None
           elif color.red >= 0 and color.green >= 0 and color.blue >= 0:
             return wxColour(color.red * 255, color.green * 255, color.blue * 255)

        if default is not None:
          return self._getWXcolor(default)
          return None   # End of the line

    def _getWXbrush(self, color, default_color = None):
        '''Converts PIDDLE colors to a wx brush'''

        if color == piddle.transparent:
          return wxTRANSPARENT_BRUSH

        wxcolor = self._getWXcolor(color)

        if wxcolor is None:
          if default_color is not None:
            return self._getWXbrush(default_color)
            raise "WXcanvas error:  Cannot create brush."

        return wxBrush(wxcolor)

    def _getWXpen(self, width, color, default_color = None):
        '''Converts PIDDLE colors to a wx pen'''

        if width is None or width < 0:
            width = self.defaultLineWidth

        if color == piddle.transparent:
          return wxTRANSPARENT_PEN

        wxcolor = self._getWXcolor(color)

        if wxcolor is None:
          if default_color is not None:
            return self._getWXpen(width, default_color)
            raise "WXcanvas error:  Cannot create pen."

        return wxPen(wxcolor, width)

    def _getWXfont(self, font):
        '''Returns a wxFont roughly equivalent to the requested PIDDLE font'''
        if font is None:
            font = self.defaultFont
        #  PIDDLE fonts are matched to wxFont families.  While it is possible to
        #  match them to individual fonts, this is difficult to do in a platform
        #  independant way
        if font.face is None or font.face == 'times':
            family = wxDEFAULT 
        elif font.face == 'courier' or font.face == 'monospaced':
            family = wxMODERN 
        elif font.face == 'helvetica' or font.face == 'sansserif':
            family = wxSWISS 
        elif font.face == 'serif' or font.face == 'symbol':
            family = wxDEFAULT 
            family = wxDEFAULT
        weight = wxNORMAL 
        style = wxNORMAL 
        underline = 0
        if font.bold == 1:
            weight = wxBOLD
        if font.underline == 1:
            underline = 1
        if font.italic == 1:
            style = wxITALIC
        return wxFont(font.size, family, style, weight, underline)

    def _setWXfont(self, font=None):
        '''set/return the current font for the dc
        jjk  10/28/99'''
        wx_font = self._getWXfont(font)

    def isInteractive(self):

    def canUpdate(self):
        return 1

    def clear(self):
  #------------ string/font info ------------

    def stringWidth(self, s, font=None):
        '''Return the logical width of the string if it were drawn \
        in the current font (defaults to self.font).'''
        wx_font = self._setWXfont(font)
        return self.dc.GetTextExtent(s)[0]

    def fontHeight(self, font=None):
        '''Find the total height (ascent + descent) of the given font.'''
        return self.fontAscent(font) + self.fontDescent(font)

    def fontAscent(self, font=None):
        '''Find the ascent (height above base) of the given font.'''
        wx_font = self._setWXfont(font)
        return self.dc.GetCharHeight() - self.fontDescent(font)

    def fontDescent(self, font=None):
        '''Find the descent (extent below base) of the given font.'''
        wx_font = self._setWXfont(font)
        extents = self.dc.GetFullTextExtent(' ', wx_font)
        return extents[2]

  #------------- drawing methods --------------
  # Note default parameters "=None" means use the defaults set in the
  # Canvas method: defaultLineColor, etc.

    def drawLine(self, x1,y1, x2,y2, color=None, width=None):
        '''Draw a straight line between x1,y1 and x2,y2.'''

        if width is None or width < 0:
            width = self.defaultLineWidth
        self.dc.SetPen(self._getWXpen(width, color, self.defaultLineColor))

    def drawString(self, s, x,y, font=None, color=None, angle=None):
        '''Draw a string starting at location x,y.
        NOTE: the baseline goes on y; drawing covers (y-ascent,y+descent)
        Text rotation (angle%360 != 0) is not supported.'''

        if color == piddle.transparent:

        # No defaultFontColor?
        wx_color = self._getWXcolor(color, self.defaultLineColor)

        if wx_color is None:
            wx_color = wxBLACK;

        if '\n' in s or '\r' in s:
          #normalize line ends
          s = string.replace(s, '\r\n','\n')
          s = string.replace(s, '\n\r','\n')
          lines = string.split(s, '\n')
          lines = [s]

        if angle is not None:
          self._drawRotatedString(lines, x, y, font, wx_color, angle)
          line_height = self.fontHeight(font)
          for l in range(0,len(lines)):
            self.dc.DrawText(lines[l], x, y - self.fontAscent(font) + l*line_height)

    def _drawRotatedString(self, lines, x, y, font = None, color = None, angle=0):

        import math
        # [kbj] Hack since the default system font may not be able to rotate.
        if font is None:
          font = piddle.Font(face='helvetica')            

        ascent = self.fontAscent(font)
        height = self.fontHeight(font)

        rad = angle * math.pi / 180.
        s = math.sin(rad)
        c = math.cos(rad)
        dx = s*height
        dy = c*height
        lx = x - dx
        ly = y - c*ascent

        for i in range(0, len(lines)):
          self.dc.DrawRotatedText(lines[i], lx + i*dx, ly + i*dy, angle) 
    # drawPolygon: For fillable shapes, edgeColor defaults to
    # self.defaultLineColor, edgeWidth defaults to self.defaultLineWidth, and
    # fillColor defaults to self.defaultFillColor.  Specify "don't fill" by
    # passing fillColor=transparent.

    def drawPolygon(self, pointlist, edgeColor=None, edgeWidth=None, fillColor=None, closed=0):
        """drawPolygon(pointlist) -- draws a polygon 
        pointlist: a list of (x,y) tuples defining vertices
        closed:    if 1, adds an extra segment connecting the last point 
            to the first

        # Because wxPython automatically closes polygons, the polygon fill and the border
        # are drawn seperately, so open polygons will display correctly
        self.dc.SetBrush(self._getWXbrush(fillColor, self.defaultFillColor))

        #  Workaround : PIDDLE will pass mixed lists of lists and 2-tuples
        #  instead of just 2-tuples.  Therefore, pointlist must be re-created as
        #  only 2-tuples

        pointlist = map(lambda i: tuple(i), pointlist)
        if closed == 1:


        # Create a list of lines (4-tuples) to pass to drawLines
        linelist = []
        if len(pointlist) > 1:
            for i in range(1, len(pointlist)):
                linelist.append( (pointlist[i-1][0], pointlist[i-1][1], pointlist[i][0], pointlist[i][1]) )
                linelist.append( (pointlist[0][0], pointlist[0][1], pointlist[0][0], pointlist[0][1]))
        self.drawLines(linelist, edgeColor, edgeWidth)

    # no colors apply to drawImage; the image is drawn as-is
    def drawImage(self, image, x1,y1, x2=None,y2=None):
        """Draw a PIL Image into the specified rectangle.  If x2 and y2 are
        omitted, they are calculated from the image size.
        jjk  11/03/99"""

            from PIL import Image
        except ImportError:
            print 'PIL not installed as package'
                import Image
            except ImportError:
                raise "PIL not available!"

        if (x2 and y2 and x2>x1 and y2>y1):
            imgPil = image.resize((x2-x1,y2-y1))
            imgPil = image
        if (imgPil.mode!='RGB'):
            imgPil = imgPil.convert('RGB')
        imgData = imgPil.tostring('raw','RGB')
        imgWx = wxEmptyImage(imgPil.size[0],imgPil.size[1])
        self.dc.DrawBitmap(imgWx.ConvertToBitmap(), x1, y1)

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