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bkchem::special_parents::drawable_chem_vertex Class Reference

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Detailed Description

this is a common ancestor for all children of oasa.chem_vertex in bkchem. It adds some
basic functionality to the chem_vertex so that it is not needed to add it every child;
all the methods are tuned for always shown texts; atoms need to override something

Definition at line 285 of file special_parents.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def bbox
def copy_settings
 // -------------------- END OF PROPERTIES --------------------------
def create_mark
def decide_pos
def delete
def draw
def find_place_for_mark
def focus
def get_marks_by_type
def get_xy
def get_xyz
def is_part_of_linear_fragment
def lift
def lift_selector
def move
def move_to
def redraw
def remove_mark
def reposition_marks
def scale_font
def select
def set_mark
def toggle_center
def transform
def unfocus
def unselect
def update_font

Public Attributes

 shrink the selector according to the font size and properties

Static Public Attributes

tuple drawn = property( _get_drawn, None, None, "tells if the atom is already drawn")
tuple font_size = property( _get_font_size, _set_font_size)
tuple meta__allowed_marks = ()
 meta__undo_children_to_record = vertex_common.meta__undo_children_to_record
tuple meta__undo_copy = vertex_common.meta__undo_copy+('_neighbors',)
tuple meta__undo_fake = ('xml_ftext',)
 meta__undo_properties = area_colored.meta__undo_properties+\
tuple meta__undo_simple = ()
list meta__used_standard_values = ['line_color','area_color','font_size','font_family']
tuple molecule = property( _get_molecule, _set_molecule)
tuple number = property( _get_number, _set_number, None, "the number associated with the atom")
tuple parent
tuple pos = property( _get_pos, _set_pos)
tuple show_number = property( _get_show_number, _set_show_number, None, "should the number (if present) be displayed")
tuple x = property( _get_x, _set_x)
tuple xml_ftext = property( _get_xml_ftext, None, None, "the text used for rendering using the ftext class")
tuple y = property( _get_y, _set_y)
tuple z = property( _get_z, _set_z)

Private Member Functions

def _get_drawn
def _get_font_size
def _get_molecule
 ---------------------------------------- PROPERTIES ------------------------------
def _get_parent
def _get_pos
def _get_x
def _get_xml_ftext
def _get_y
def _get_z
def _set_font_size
def _set_molecule
def _set_parent
def _set_pos
def _set_x
def _set_y
def _set_z

Private Attributes


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