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bkchem::plugins::piddle::piddlePS::PSCanvas Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This canvas is meant for generating encapsulated PostScript files
(EPS) used for inclusion in other documents; thus really only
single-page documents are supported.  For historical reasons and
because they can be printed (a showpage is included), the files are
given a .ps extension by default, and a primitive sort of multipage
document can be generated using nextPage() or clear().  Use at your own
risk!  Future versions of piddlePS will include an EPSCanvas and a
PSCanvas which will clearly delineate between single and multipage

Note: All font encodings must be taken care in __init__, you can't add
      more after this

Definition at line 162 of file piddlePS.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def arcPoints
def canUpdate
def clear
def curvePoints
def drawArc
def drawCurve
def drawEllipse
def drawFigure
def drawImage
def drawLine
def drawLines
def drawMultiLineString
def drawPolygon
def drawRect
def drawRoundRect
def drawString
def flush
def fontAscent
def fontDescent
def fontHeight
def isInteractive
def nextPage
def psBeginDocument
def psBeginPage
def psEndDocument
def psEndPage
def resetToDefaults
def save
def setInfoLine
def stringWidth

Public Attributes

 clean up my mess: This is not a good way to do things FIXME!!! ???

Private Member Functions

def _findExternalFontName
def _findFont
def _psNextPage
def _psPageSetupStr
def _updateFillColor
def _updateLineColor
def _updateLineWidth

Private Attributes


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