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bkchem::modes::edit_mode Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for bkchem::modes::edit_mode:

bkchem::modes::simple_mode bkchem::modes::mode bkchem::modes::arrow_mode bkchem::modes::atom_mode bkchem::modes::mark_mode bkchem::modes::misc_mode bkchem::modes::template_mode bkchem::modes::text_mode bkchem::modes::user_template_mode

List of all members.

Detailed Description

/// -------------------- PARENT MODES --------------------

basic editing mode, also good as parent for more specialized modes

Definition at line 335 of file modes.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add_chain
def clean_key_queue
def cleanup
def double_click
def enter_object
def get_name
def get_submode
def key_pressed
def key_released
def leave_object
def mouse_click
def mouse_down
def mouse_down2
def mouse_down3
def mouse_drag
def mouse_move
def mouse_up
def on_paper_switch
def on_submode_switch
def redo
def register_key_sequence
def register_key_sequence_ending_with_number_range
def reposition_bonds_around_atom
def reposition_bonds_around_bond
def set_given_name_to_selected
def set_submode
def startup
def undo
def unregister_all_sequences

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _delete_selected
def _end_of_empty_drag
def _expand_groups
def _move_selected
def _paste_clipboard
def _set_name_to_selected
def _set_old_name_to_selected

Private Attributes


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